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The cast, and others

The Heroes


RACE: Human
HOMELAND: (still working on place names)
AGE: 18
GENDER: male
HEIGHT: short
FIGHTING STYLE: Swordsmanship
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Shorter broadswords
ABILITIES: Swordsmanship, knowledge in heroic legends, running, leadership
LIKES: Swords, anything involving heroism and chivalry, his dog and dogs in general, his family, spicy food, sleeping under the stars
DISLIKES: Being short, being underestimated, failure, people thinking he's still a kid
FAMILY: Mother, Father, and dog.
STATUS: Adventuring hero-in-training
PERSONALITY: Lute is very energetic and optimistic. While he's easily discouraged, he get's over it very quickly and moves on. He's enthusiastic about this dream of becomming a famous hero and will do anything to pursue it. Lute is good natured, friendly, and cares a lot about and gets along well with other people. He's not imposing at all, and easily underestimated. His spunk and strong will more than make up for his lack of imposing appearance. He doesn't quit, and will follow anything he starts to the end. He's loyal and hardworking, and doesn't look for faults in other people. He sticks to his ideals and never waivers. He may not have much knowledge in the way of the world, but he knows plenty about heroism and somehow gets by on that. He'll stand by his friends just as strongly as he stands by his dream. Lute also posseses an incredible ability to sense danger, but he might have trouble locating where it's comming from.

The Villians

Bio for the Black Lord Gaurtros coming soon.


RACE: Goblin
HOMELAND: (still working on place names)
AGE: 47 (about 25 in human years)
HEIGHT: Average for goblins (which is short compared to humans)
FIGHTING STYLE: Magic (specifically hypnotic and illusion spells)
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Magical staff
ABILITIES: Very talented in his magical field of study, highly intelligent, inhuman reflexes, keen hearing and night vision, an excellent organizer. DOES NOT do well in hand-to-hand combat (is physically weak).
LIKES: Himself (specifically his magical talent), opportunities to show off, being feared and respected(which doesnít happen often), his staff, plotting ambitious maneuvers designed to make him look good in the eyes of his boss, crows.
DISLIKES: Ridicule, being humiliated, backtalk directed at him, Dayshade, getting stuck with secretarial duties (itís not flashy and impressive and doesnít strike fear into many hearts at all).
ALLEGIANCE: Lord Gaurtros
STATUS: Magician and Secretary
FAMILIAR: A large black crow named Crode
PERSONALITY: Mezmoro is so egotistical, itís ridiculous. He insists heís the best in his profession (and he could be right) and doesnít tolerate rivals. His skill in illusionary and hypnotic spell casting has earned him many awards, including the coveted Master Mageís Crown, a crown-like wizardís hat that is awarded only to those who master their field of study; it should be noted that the crown is intended to be a decorative trophy, and it is a sign of a massive ego when the owner actually wears the darn thing, as Mezmoro makes sure he does (the hat even seems to flop in protest rather than standing upright as it should). Oddly enough, very few people, if any at all, share Mezmoroís high opinion of himself. He is often underestimated and disrespected, regardless of his accomplishments. This probably results from the fact that, no matter how good he is, Mez has really rotten luck and things donít usually go the way he wants them to. It also might be because illusionary magic isnít the most impressive branch of magical study regardless of how good someone is at it. His supreme overconfidence could possibly a cover-up for a massive inferiority complex and hidden subconscious self-doubt that he tries endlessly to overcome by convincing himself heís really ďall thatĒ. Despite the big ego, Mez isnít exactly self-centered. He is very energetic, enthusiastic, loyal, and zealous to whatever cause he has devoted himself to. He wonít backstab his superior, but he will try his best to impress his boss and make himself look better than his other comrades. Heís naturally loud voiced and wonít hesitate to broadcast his opinions quite openly. Heís also rather sensitive, tends to take things way too personally, and overreacts to just about everything (which makes him such a fun target for Dayshade).


RACE: Succubus
HOMELAND: (still working on place names)
AGE: 189
GENDER: Female
FIGHTING STYLE: Magic or anything nasty or manipulative.
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Magic, claws, words, or appearance (yes, thatís a weapon in some ways).
ABILITIES: Infiltration, manipulation, incredible strength, sharp tongue, superior senses, some psychic talent, and the usual succubus arsenal (Shadow Shape (can become shadow-like), Kiss of Death (sucks out life force with a kiss), manipulative power over men, can summon minor demons like herself, can shift to a more monstrous form (looses manipulative power and good looks but gains even more strength, improved natural defenses, and ferocity - note that daylight can cause her to revert to usual form), and other such abilities)
LIKES: Anything evil or creepy, flirting, being really annoying, teasing people (particularly Mezmoro), manipulating people, breaking hearts, the dark, and taking advantage of just about anything.
DISLIKES: Anything cute or good in any way, any kind of light (particularly daylight), being ignored, rejection, any girl or woman prettier than she is, people in good moods.
ALLEGIANCE: Lord Gaurtros
PERSONALITY: Ever met someone who just loves to be annoying? Thatís Dayshade. She thrives off irritating others, and her favorite target is Mezmoro (because heís so easy to rile up). Dayshade doesnít give a rip about anyone other than herself, can and will use anyone in any way for her own purposes and entertainment, and can be very snobbish. She loves to string guys along and then cruelly breaks their hearts when she gets bored. She something of an opportunist and can be a bit of a backstabber on occasion. Sheís also very shallow and judges herself and others based on appearance. She loves anything evil (particularly vicious monsters and handsome evil men) but is repulsed by anything good. Anything cute and adorable she finds downright frightening (her biggest phobia being cute fluffy baby animals, such as kittens, puppies, and little bunnies). Sheís spoiled and doesnít like it when things donít go her way, and is prone to violent tantrums if that ever happens. She prefers to solve her problems by manipulating others, but she can deal out painful force if she feels like resorting to violence. She is a very dangerous foe and can be just as dangerous as an ally, although she doesnít contribute as much as she could due to her preference of watching her enemies and comrades struggle rather than lending a hand to help out.

Other Characters


From left to right: Hatchet(monk), Hazzard(thief/brute), Hammer(fighter)
WEAPONS OF CHOICE: Hatchet = long-handled battle axe, throwing axes. Hazzard = Flail, bare fists. Hammer = long-handled hammer-scythe, war-hammer.
RACES: Hatchet = ? Hazzard = ? Hammer = Human
Hazzard and his gang are a tough pack of free-lance ruffians who join up with whatever thieving guild or bandit troupe they feel like hanging out with that month. Theyíre a pack of rogues who try hard to be brutes but are too soft of heart to be real good at it. Hazzard is the leader, being the cunning one capable of careful planning and on-the-go decisions. Hatchet is the smartest and most intelligent, but canít think on his feet too well. Hammer isnít too bright, but is loyal and very dedicated. Not much is known about any of them, but what is certain is that they have a reputation for strange things happening around them. It is also known that there is something unusual and dangerous about each member...


BookMaster is the in-comic personification/avatar of the comicís creator, A.L.McMullin. BM is derived from the creatorís goofy side, and is therefore not as restrained as her real-life counterpart. She has also evolved a bit into her own character. BMís job as cartoonist is to keep the comic running smoothlyóeven if she has to go in and man-handle things herself. BM has a tendancy to stress out a lot, but she can also provide crucial support when chaos erupts, as well as sage advise and a listening ear. If BookMaster were to ever loose control of the comic, terrible things could happen...

All original characters and contents and stuff copyright 2004 A.L.McMullin
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