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Rules for submitted artwork: Let's keep this clean, ok? No indecent artwork or vulgarity, please. ^_^

By Ratha Shadar. Captures Lute's logic and reasoning perfectly.
By Dragonwing. Hazzard's too cool to care about spelling errors.
By Corey. Sometimes being short bites.
By Erika Stevenson. Oekaki portait of Lute. Smile!
By Corey Jackson. Dramatic oekaki art of Lute in full Hero Gear. ZAP! *gets fried*
By Miss Revenblade, AKA: Plaid. Looks like someone's happy BookMaster's off her hiatus! Oof! (O_o)

Fan-done wallpapers!
By Kristin Gibson. Used one of the future shots.

All original characters and contents and stuff copyright 2004 A.L.McMullin
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